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Hi! I’m Ana.
I’m here to help you get the life + career you want without sacrificing your health.

Who are you?
  • You’re a total go getter – who’s been so busy go-getting that you’re a little burnt out.
  • You know what you want – you’re just not sure how to get it.
  • You work hard + play hard – but what got you this far isn’t really working anymore.
  • You try to eat healthy and exercise – but you spend a lot of time feeling bad about your upper arms.
I totally get it. I get it because I’ve been there myself.

And I get it because I’ve helped hundreds of women (who are in the exact same position as you) get excited about their lives again.

I’m uniquely qualified to coach you towards a better life because I’ve completely transformed my own life – physically and emotionally.


When I first started working as a personal trainer, I thought I was doing everything “right.”

I would work out a lot and was über-strict with my diet. I was eating all the “right” foods, doing the newest and coolest workouts, and taking supplements I saw in magazines.

Fast forward a few years, I was still eating foods that were healthy but I would obsess over portion sizes and food labels. If I ate “bad food”, I would stress over how much I needed to workout to burn it off.

For years I was in a love/hate relationship with my body. But finally (finally!) it clicked.

It didn’t really matter what I was eating, or what I was doing to work out.

I needed to work on loving my body.

So I shifted my mindset from eating healthy and exercising as a way to “correct something that was wrong” with my body to doing it because I love my body and this is the best gift I can give myself.

Even though I’d changed my relationship with my body, there were still a lot of things in my life that weren’t lighting me up.
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I was living what felt like a beige life. But instead of taking a deeper look inside to figure out why, I buried all my feelings and went into autopilot mode. It was easier than dealing with it.

And then something started happening. Almost daily, I would wake up in the middle of the night, my mind racing: “Why do you live in this city you don’t like? Is the person by your side the one you want to marry? Why aren’t you having any fun? What happened to all of your travel dreams?”

I realized I needed to make a change, but I was terrified. I didn’t know where to start.

So I took an enormous leap of faith. I sold my house, got rid of most of my possessions, packed my suitcase, and bought a one-way ticket to Barcelona. Since then, I’ve never been happier.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary, but totally worth it.

Living a passionate life doesn’t mean the birds are chirping every morning. Sometimes it’s messy. It doesn’t always look like you thought it would.

But most of the time, it’s better.

I recognized that if I could make these huge changes and fall in love with my life, then other people could too. And I knew I wanted to help them do just that – so I became a life coach.

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These days, I wake up grateful and loving life. I still get cranky some mornings and I’m known to drop the occasional F bomb. I lovelovelove kale (yes, really) but I love me some chocolate and wine too.

I am  super honest with you about what’s possible and what it’s going to take to get where you want.  I can help you absolutely transform yourself – inside and out. When life is filled with pleasure and fun, and you become at peace with your body,  you can create a life filled with energy, success and fulfillment.

You deserve a successful career, without sacrificing your health or happiness. I can help you get there.

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