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What is it that distracts me from reaching my goals when I know exactly what to do? It´s this piece that I think Ana is truely gifted.
Ellice Perez
I would recommend Ana’s services to anyone who is having to make a big change in their life, even if they are kind of dragging their feet a bit about having to follow through.
Libby Garret
Innovation Trends Specialist
Working with Ana transformed my body and soul. She helped me learn to love and respect my body, something I had never been able to do before. All of this while sharing deep belly laughs that hurt so much we cried. I will be eternally grateful for her support, guidance, friendship, and genuine approach.
Laurie Weir
Since working together, I have become more aware of personal beliefs that either help me moving forward or keep holding me back. I would definitely recommend coaching with Ana.
Ramona Fellermeier
Ana’s glowing energy and passion makes you want to be your best.
Leanne Jacobs
Ana has changed the way I eat, but more importantly the way I feel. My physical, mental and emotional health is at a peak where it has never been before. I bring more confidence to my auditions and more energy & joy to my performance.
Jamie Mason

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