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Not only did Ana help me discover a world of green vegetables I had never known before, I learned that I can push myself far beyond what I ever thought was possible both mentally and physically. Working with Ana transformed my body and soul. She helped me learn to love and respect my body, something I had never been able to do before. All of this while sharing deep belly laughs that hurt so much we cried. I will be eternally grateful for her support, guidance, friendship, and genuine approach. Ana is truly unique - someone whom I aspire to - and I'm a better woman for knowing her.
Laurie Weir
PR Executive
I started working with Ana when, I developed a slew of food intolerances that were making me really, really sick. Everything I had previously understood about cooking and eating healthily had to be thrown out the window and I needed help identifying all the foods that were making me ill. Thanks to Ana, I now know what I can and cannot safely eat, my energy has gone through the roof and my stamina remains stable throughout the entire day (no more mid-day slumps!). What surprised me about working with Ana was that she took care of the emotional part of the change I was going through, as well, which I actually didn’t know I even needed or wanted. I would recommend Ana’s services to anyone who is having to make a big change in their life, even if they are kind of dragging their feet a bit about having to follow through. Her positive, continual support has helped me feel renewed with fresh inspiration about my situation, instead of feeling held back and downtrodden by the abruptive change.
Libby Garret
Innovation Trends Specialist
Ana has changed the way I eat, but more importantly the way I feel. My physical, mental and emotional health is at a peak where it has never been before. I bring more confidence to my auditions and more energy & joy to my performance.
Jamie Mason
Ana is amazing! She not only helps you understand what is nutricious to eat and why it fuels your body appropriately, but she also helps you get to better understand the psychological motivation behind your choices. It´s no surprise that I should eat lean meats, plenty of fruits and vegetables & very few processed foods but why do I chose not to? What is it that distracts me from reaching my weight goals when I know exactly what to do? It´s this piece that I think Ana is truely gifed. And the recipies she invents are so good!!! Thanks for your guidance, Ana!
Ellice Perez
General Manager

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